After the competition displays it was time to sit back and enjoy the closing display from MLE Pyrotechnics. Starting with an opening sequence of moody music and strobes along the water's edge, the action built gradually with eruptions of bright silver, then yellow, then crackles and then the first bangs of the display creating crackling and blue (pictured above).

Comets followed from ground level and the first big shell launches from the area to the rear of the display dwarfing the trees at the back. A fantastic mix of effects followed using just about every colour and at every height, with waves of crackling. The unmistakable deep thud of big shell launches could be felt as massive comet tailed shells took off, filling the sky above with coloured peonies.

A quieter interlude now with an interesting gold effect. Gold comets took off, leaving a trail from ground level. Not only where the trails persistent, but each comet arced over, creating beautiful curved columns of gold. At the base, red stars added colour. This was a really special effect.

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This quieter section passed with the launch of some more big shells, then MLE layered the effects over the gold as you will see from the picture below to create not only colours but textures too.

A synchronised sequence of coloured bursts created what looked like multicolour flowers with blues, greens, reds and purples. Then, a barrage of coordinated big shells exploding into deep blue with silver comets in the middle (pictured below).

A change of music now and a rapid fire sequence of various colours and effects again mixing in just about everything except the kitchen sink (although I would not have been surprised to see that too!). Waves of crackles erupted over columns of coloured stars, before crossette effects then a huge wave of bright comets lit up the whole firing area, this was repeated shortly after while the crossettes and fish continued above.

A slight lull was just the calm before the storm as a barrage of massive shells blasted upwards and broke to silver, gold and crackling effects. Back on the ground, a change of music and three columns of coloured crossettes thrilled with various colours. Two huge shells picked up the pace again then lower down a barrage of red and crackling. On the ground was a very pretty sequence of red-tipped silver comets and crackling fired at various angles, leading then to crackling crossettes.

Up above, one of the most impressive shells on the night exploded into trailing comets each tipped with red, it almost seemed to hang in the air in slow motion. Stunning. But it didn't stop there, further barrages followed then a triple blast of three special effect shells, bright rings of colour expanding outwards with glitter on either side. Back on the ground a manic section of screeching serpents and plenty of bangs led to a section of bright strobing green then sequences of mines each creating columns of bright colour. Following this was an interesting twist on the crossette effect, these were like crossettes with attitude, trailing off in all directions to leave trails of colour right across the display area. Fanned colour and noise followed this before screeching serpents returned, streaming upwards to meet another barrage of effects.

Various huge shells continued the onslaught, before a change of music again back to classical. The final section of the screeching cakes subsided and after a few huge eruptions of crackling gold, a single shell blasted upwards and erupted into green stars. The action switched now to ground level with the moody Carmina Burana playing while red flares created and illuminated smoke. As the music built, angled fans of silver then colour, and then fish added to the action, followed by screeching.

Then, the gates of hell seemed to open for the finale sequence which was a barrage of almost overwhelming effects, quite honestly you have to download the video clips to even half appreciate the impact. Wave after wave of colour, noise and big bore shells in a massive column of fire.

The final barrage was a fitting end to the night, gold effects which criss-crossed each other in the sky and created a hanging canopy of crackling gold glitter.

"The show was designed by Trevor Golding, one of our senior pyrotechnicians" explained Mat Lawrence of MLE Pyrotechnics. "We used a variety of material, all MLE Professional Series branded, some Spanish, Italian cylinder, Chinese spherical and Japanese spherical shells. The final hit included 3 x 150mm shells - Crackling Nishiki Kamuro (Japanese) and Brocade Crossette (Chinese). We used one of our MLE Fire-By-Wire 256 channel systems, it was manually fired using 112 cues in total and 376 ignitors".

Stunning, well done Mat and your team for a brilliant end to a brilliant event.

Complete display (105Mb)


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