Category 4 Professional Fireworks Suppliers

We have no adverts to show for firework companies selling Category 4 fireworks since suppliers of these are usually already well known to each other in the trade.

Please note that if you are a member of the public trying to source a professional display then you should instead try the Professional Fireworks Displays page or the Wedding Fireworks page.


Professional fireworks – who can buy them?

There is a common misconception that it is possible for a member of the public to either buy a licence or to undergo training which then entitles them to buy professional fireworks (also known as category 4 fireworks or “industrial” fireworks if you’re reading the tabloids!). This is not correct. Professional fireworks can only be sold to bonafide display companies who can demonstrate they have full insurance, proper licenced storage and competence.



Further information about the professional fireworks suppliers listings

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