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Published August 7th, 2011. Filed in: Articles & Information

After reviewing the video from rocket 1 it was clear than even these huge consumer rockets are prone to spinning. There wasn’t much we could do about this other than hope that at least one of the remaining two rockets had a more stable flight.


Rocket 2

The camera was mounted in the same position for this rocket, looking down towards the ground from the motor shaft.


Lighting the fuse!


Dam!! Even MORE spin than from the first rocket. That's my assistant standing in the red coat (I was still running in the other direction!).


Gaining lots of height as with the first rocket but sadly so much spin the images are very distorted. The red dot top right is my assistant, I can be seen just above this to the top of the frame.


Quite high now and we are mere specks to the right of the smoke plume.


This is hugely distorted but I have included it here because I wanted my two spotters to have a token image or two of themselves from many hundreds of feet up. These two guys – Spuddy and Philip – can be seen on the far right next to the hedge (a white dot and a grey dot from that height).


Another distorted image showing the old barn and the UKFR rocket spotters on the extreme bottom right by the hedge (the two dots).


The motor has gone out and the rocket is starting to tip over. Nice view of the Suffolk countryside.


Another good view of the countryside in this still image that has been flipped over the right way (so the stick is now at the top). On the right, a caravan park near Bucklesham.


Another fine view before the rocket came crashing to earth.


Now tipping right over and on its way down, this was the last view of the ground before the camera was pointing at the sky above.


CRASH! Hitting a cauliflower field at 100mph. Quite robust these cameras!


If you find a rocket stick and camera in your salad, please send it back to UKFR.


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