Firer Cam Video – A close-up view of wedding fireworks

Published May 29th, 2012. Filed in: Fireworks Video

This is a video clip showing a low noise wedding fireworks display. There are dozens of these fired every weekend throughout the summer months in the UK and whilst they might not be the biggest, loudest or most spectacular displays they do represent the “bread and butter” of most display companies.

However the twist here is that some of the footage is from the UKFR Firer Cam. This small camera is mounted on one of the firers’ helmets to record the action from very close-up. At that distance even the most quiet fireworks look and sound pretty intense! Enjoy a very intimate look at a typical night for a professional firing crew…


More information

This particular display was fired by Dynamic Fireworks and the client was a bride and groom. The venue had specific rules about noise so only quieter fireworks could be used.

The firer cam footage was filmed by a key fob camera as detailed in this article. The footage from further back was filmed on a Canon EOS550D DSLR using the standard 18-55mm lens.

With thanks to Andy and Colin for their cooperation in letting me stick cameras to their heads!

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