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A personal plea from UKFR’s Editor, Pyro Pete:

“When buying fireworks or firework displays, please give your custom to the firework companies who advertise on UKFR. These companies are listed on the Buy Fireworks page, in the advertising slots around the main site, in the Forum advertising slots, and are also clearly marked as UKFR Sponsors in the forum.

Since 2007 I have worked hard to make the entire website free to access and remove the requirement to pay a membership fee to access content. This has helped to bring the site back in line with its original goal of sharing fireworks information with as many people as possible. But it also means the loss of an important revenue stream, this has to be made up with additional advertising.

I refuse to take the easy routes to generate revenue since I believe these would compromise the values of UKFR, namely:

  • I won’t allow UKFR to directly sell fireworks itself
  • I won’t work on commission or referral fees with retailers who advertise
  • I won’t flood the site with adverts not relevant to fireworks

But I need your help please! If you have found UKFR useful, either for fireworks information or simply the enjoyment of using the forum, please spend your fireworks cash with UKFR advertisers. By using them you’re showing that advertising here is effective and in turn they renew adverts and continue their support.

Remember, without the support of advertisers UKFR would not be able to continue.

Many of our advertisers also play an active role in our forum, provide support to UKFR member events and give special deals and discounts to UKFR readers. Show them some love please!

If you are a regular forum user and see a plug or blog posted, have a look to see if the poster or the company supports UKFR. In the general discussion forums these supporters are clearly marked underneath their username or profile photo as being a “UKFR Sponsor”, “UKFR Advertiser” or similar. Posts made in the retailer announcements and offers forum, either by a company or by UKFR on their behalf are also genuine. Unsolicited plugs, links or other spam is not. The latter does not support UKFR’s running costs but instead represents commercial misuse of our services – at our expense – by companies unwilling to support us so we in turn can support you by keeping this site free and updated. Think before you spend your hard earned money!

With continued thanks to UKFR’s sponsors and advertisers,

Pyro Pete, Editor”

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