Southwold Jubilee Fireworks

Published June 6th, 2012. Filed in: Fireworks Video

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has been a welcome bonus for the fireworks trade with last weekend almost turning into a “mini Guy Fawkes” as people celebrated with both DIY and professional displays. Any firework with red, white and blue being an instant best seller of course!

This is my take on the Jubilee created from photos and video from Southwold in Suffolk. They had a wonderful public event on Gun Hill (where their famous cannons are) which included a beacon lighting before the main display on the beach.


Southwold Fireworks – More Information

With thanks to the fireworks team (Colin and Paul of Dynamic Fireworks) for letting me take photos and video to record this event. The fireworks were filmed on a Canon EOS550D camera along with two miniature cameras mounted on each firer’s helmet to provide some additional close-up material.




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