The Fireworks Code

The Fireworks Code should be familiar to most people because it is well publicised around Guy Fawkes. This article looks at the Code and what it contains.


The Fireworks Code

The Code is published by the government and usually contains around a dozen key safety points relating to fireworks use. Mostly aimed at small family displays in the back garden, it does not cover anything relating to the setting up of bigger firework displays but is useful as a starting point.

The lack of detailed information in the Code is actually one of the reasons why UKFR started in 1999, in order to expand on the very limited firework safety advice available for real-world settings.

The current leaflet on the DTI website has the Fireworks Code included with a character called Ben, who gives advice aimed at children. The leaflet is marked as Crown Copyright so rather than reproduce it here you can read it directly at the following link: Fireworks Code.


Further information

If you require any further information about the Fireworks Code itself then you should go to the DTI website’s firework section: Your local fireworks retailer is also a good source of help, as is your local Trading Standards or fire service.

For more detailed (and, arguably, useful) information about setting up and using fireworks, have a look at the Using Fireworks section. The UKFR guides cover almost everything you need to know and if there’s anything not covered then ask in the UKFR Fireworks Forum.

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